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Sobtis Public School Addmision

For admission or registration, interested individuals are requested to visit the school office within the school campus. For new admissions, registration is a prerequisite. Parents are required to submit the complete registration form along with registration fee, birth certificate, photograph and progress report of previous schools. For queries senior members of the faculty will be present at the school office.

Procedure: Academic Session-April to March

1.Admission is open to all irrespective of caste and creed.

2.Minimum age limit for admission:

a.Pre Nursery 2(1/2) Year – 3(1/2) Year
b.Nursery 3(1/2) Year – 4(1/2)
c.Prep 4(1/4) Year – Onward

(Note: Age can be relaxed in certain cases)

3.Birth Certificate from Municipal Board must be deposited at the time of registration/admission.

4.Parents & Children intractive session with the Principal/ Headmistress/Counsellors at the time of admission above K.G.

5.Registration in no way guarantees admission.