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Aparajita - Scaling Heights

Aparajita is a special mission of Sobtis Public School, to carry forward the proud message of 'Celebrating Womanhood' from Founder of Sobtis Public School - Late Mrs. Tirath Kaur Sobti. Aparajita puts a special emphasis on the fact that "Each Child Matters".

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

Emerging from the divine sound 'OM' Women is the embodiment of beauty simplicity, grace, innocence, devotion, compassion and strength. She possesses the divinity of Gods, her essence is reflected in the fragrance and grace of nature. Radiance from the sunlight, coyness from birds, tears of cloud, sweetness from honey, gorgeousness of a peacock and resplendence of a diamond make her the epitome of supreme consciousness and divinity. Her ethereal splendour lies in her suffering and strength and her commitment and liberation. Woman personifies the triumph of the human spirit.

The tapestry of the life of the India woman is woven with diverse roles of different hues. History and mythology are replete with women who excelled in diverse roles. She has been a creator and a preserver of the human race. A woman's personality is awe inspiring as it is multidimensional, all embracive and beyond all human comparisons.

Woman - the image itself invokes tenderness and power - she is life an edifice that has borne the winds of change and will continue to bear witness to life as it evolves. The woman of the new millennium in its ascent is known for its fragility and strength and is poised to be a proud global citizen.

If the woman is given her due reverence, she will be the harbinger of love and peace in the world making this world the most beautiful place to live in.