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Sobtis Public School provides an environment which is rich and wholesome, free from noise and pollution and facilitates the implementation of play way method.

Sobtis Public School provides an environment which is rich and wholesome, free from noise and pollution and facilitates the implementation of play way method. The kindergarten classrooms are safe, clean, spacious, well furnished, air-conditioned and decorated to provide a cheerful and playful learning atmosphere for our young students.

Smart Classes

Hi-tech computerized wi-fi enabled classrooms with projector and screen for communicative learning.

Foreign Language Classes

In this era of globalization, when the world is coming together, students must know some foreign languages. To cater to this need we provide German and French classes to the interested students on demand.

School Counseling Centre

The school offers the facility of a counseling centre, which serves two purposes. It provides our student career counseling and remedial guidance. The counselor gives to the students basic guidance on all aspects of life, and provides information about the various avenues, to enable them to determine their aptitude and make right decisions in the choice of a career.

Enrichment Resource Centre

The school offers the facility of an enrichment resource centre which acts as a support system to the classroom teaching enabling children to cope better with their surroundings. Also facility for special IEP's (Individual Education Programme) is provided for Children lagging behind academically.

Computer Education

We recognize the importance of computer literacy in today's world. Computer education is imparted to all students from class Nursery as part of the curriculum and a well-equipped Lab is meant to train our kids in the field of IT.

Physical Education

We stress on the holistic education of the child. The child is encouraged to participate in various sports and physical activities to ensure a healthy body for a healthy mind. A huge playground with Basket ball, Squash, Lawn Tennis, Volley Ball and skating rink has been provided and best coaches are made available for proper training.

Value Education

In this forever progressing world, the values and morals are fast annihilating from children's ken. In order to manifest their importance, we have introduced value education in our curriculum. For all classes, value education is imparted.

Cultural Activities

Sobtis Public School does not allow creativity to be stifled by the regimen of academics. There are numerous cultural activities planned systematically and imaginatively throughout the year. These allow every child to participate freely in debates, elocution competitions, declamations, quizzes, art competitions, plays, music and dance competitions and prizes are awarded to winners.

Activity Centre

Specialized activity rooms have been created to enhance the overall development of a child's personality. They focus on the intellectual, conceptual, physical, social and emotional development of the child.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities / attention is provided by a doctor on call. Parents are informed if the doctor finds that a child needs special attention.


School transport is available from all parts of the city. The school however is not responsible for any mishap, though adequate care is taken for the safety and security of the children. A child will not be sent home with a stranger, relative or a new servant unless written instructions of the parents / guardians are there with attested signature of the escort.