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Sobtis Public School

An educational institution is known by the faculties it appoints. An able faculty plays a decisive role in a child's education and works like a guiding force. We, at SPS, take utmost care in appointing teachers and choose the best of talents available across the country.

The faculties at SPS are not just academically qualified but also well-versed in working as the life coach of students empowering them with essential character building attributes. Special training programmes are organized to update their skills so that they can keep pace with rapidly changing needs of the contemporary educational system.

We ensure pro-active involvement of our teachers in the school activities like House Wardens, Class Reps, the Environment Council, Editorial Board, Cultural Department or Sports, to name a few. At SPS, we are committed to provide excellent student teacher ratios to maximize student potential with a firm belief that an educational Institution is as good as its Faculty.

The Faculty Particulars
Name Of The TeacherDOBTrained/UntrainedProbation/Confirmed
Mrs.Kanchan Piplani 14/03/1956TrainedConfirmed
Mr. Mohit Kumar 08/10/1989TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Pooja Sharma 05/02/1993TrainedProbation
Mrs.Farha Naushin 07/09/1985TrainedConfirmed
Mr. Himanshu Bhardwaj15/04/1981TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Anu Gupta 07/12/1993TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Diksha Gwal 29/10/1990TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Vandana Sharma 03/07/1989TrainedConfirmed
Mrs. Shiva Sharma 05/09/1985TrainedConfirmed
Mr. Shawaz Ansari 12/12/1992TrainedConfirmed
Mrs. Sandhya Sharma 01/12/1984TrainedProbation
Mr. Vipin Kumar 12/07/1976TrainedConfirmed
Mrs. Gunjan Sahni 13/02/1984TrainedProbation
Mr. Agam Singh Chauhan 28/08/1994TrainedConfirmed
Ms. Namita Sharma 01/12/1986TrainedProbation
Ms. Sandhya Nirala 05/12/1990TrainedConfirmed
Mohd. Nadeem Noori 22/06/1987TrainedConfirmed
Mrs. Sonam Pahwa 16/08/1990TrainedProbation
Mrs. Kavita Rebecca Tigga 08/10/1971TrainedProbation
Mrs. Pushpa Kanyal 14/11/1955TrainedConfirmed
Mrs. Rashmi Sharma 27/07/1982TrainedProbation
Ms. Chitwan Sethi 21/08/1989TrainedConfirmed