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Women make better politicians than men

Gone are the days ladies and gentleman when poets wrote about the crying and submissive women. In today's Modern world women is all powerful and intelligent. Good morning to all of you, I Meenu Gupta from Sobtis Public School stand in front of you to express my views in favour of the motion that "Women make better politicians than men".

It's a big question - men or women who can make a better leader? Not only Indians but people across the world also believe that women have the right qualities to be better political leader. But gender should not play a part during elections. After all it is not a wrestling match. It is not the prerogative of men alone to bring light to this world; Women with their capacity for compassion and self sacrifice, their courage & perseverance have done much to dissipate the darkness of intolerance, hatred, suffering and despair, To the best of my nowledge no war was ever started by women.

They have the feeling of motherhood & love towards the country. this feeling always gives them support in handling politics.

Yes, it's true that as compared to men, less women are interested in politics. Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Sarojini Naidu, Pratibha Patil, Mayawati are all effective examples of women politician. Indira Gandhi held the country for 16 years which is not a less tenure. It means that women have the capacity to hold the country more nicely than man. So they are better leader and makes better politicians than men.

Meenu Gupta
Class - X