Chairman's Message

Charanpal Singh Sobti

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Sobtis Public School, an institution built on the belief that the essence of education lies in empowering children to recognize their enormous potential and making learning a catalyst for drawing that out.

For Bareilly parents, another chapter of Sobtis Public School story has begun- a chapter that continues the motif of excellence in all we do, this time in a beautiful new building and campus.

We are of course proud of our building and campus. We are prouder still of the love of community and learning that we foster in our children. We believe that lasting emotional strength, sound character and academic success are found in classrooms and schools that are all conducive to students and challenge them to learn more, but do so in ways that do not discourage them. We expect our students to grapple with problems, learn to draw on a variety of resources/ material and construct their own meaning rather than accepting narrow definitions and rote-based learning. Sobtis Public School is a place where students feel cared about, welcomed, valued and are seen as more than just learners. In fact, we see them as resources and respect them for their uniqueness: in academics, sports or the creative arts.

I am sure that the bond created in our school will reach far beyond the classroom, and unite students, parents, school staff and community, in a connection that will last a lifetime.

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