Our Founder

Late Hira Singh Sobti
Founder Chairman


At Sobtis Public School we believe that genius is a gene that every human is born with including your child. And that genius can be discovered and empowered from the start. Today it is a well known fact in reputed institutions across the world that a child’s potential can be discovered early in life and development of which is the essential foundation for achieving one’s dreams. What is also known is that to bring out the genius in every child, one needs more than the right education.

At Sobtis Public School, education is a process of awakening individual potential through the perfect mix of education, activities, confidence building exercises, guidance, rewards, inspiration and encouragement. Here teaching is more about enlightening students with an absolutely priceless wisdom and developing a good character as well as a successful career.

At Sobtis Public School we strive to inculcate in students a high sense of morality, sensitivity towards their world and the ambition to pursue their dreams without unrealistic aspirations. Students are taught at an early stage on how to face problems and challenges with conviction and confidence. Sobtis Public School equips each and every student with all the knowledge they need to dream lofty dreams and pursue them with enthusiasm while displaying the deepest sense of responsibility.

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