Curriculum plays crucial role in all kinds of education systems. We, at Sobtis Public School, firmly believe that meaningful learning is much more than books and lessons and a holistic development is our ultimate aim. We are of the view that whatever a student learns during schooling, influences his or her future and character. We leave no stone unturned in imparting quality education that makes students not only learned but also wise.

The concept-oriented curriculum that we have created at Sobtis Public School, prepares students for life not just for exams. Each and every module is designed keeping in view the overall development of the students so that they can come out as responsible citizen of society. We prefer the curriculum that concentrates not only on academics, but also on the holistic development of the students.

Sr. no Session Class Subject Syllabus Download
1 2022-23 Nursery Syllabus
2 2022-23 LKG Syllabus
3 2022-23 UKG Syllabus
4 2022-23 Class-I Syllabus
5 2022-23 Class-II Syllabus
6 2022-23 Class-III Syllabus
7 2022-23 Class-IV Syllabus
8 2022-23 Class-V Syllabus
9 2022-23 VI Syllabus
10 2022-23 VII Syllabus
11 2022-23 VIII Syllabus
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