TC Procedure

Rules for withdrawal

For withdrawal of a student, at least THIRTY DAYS notice must be given to the Principal in writing.

The student's withdrawal, for whatever reason, shall entail forfeiture of the entire fee paid. Parents are required to carefully go through this condition before they admit their ward to the school.

A Transfer Certificate will be issued only after obtaining a clearance certificate stating that all dues have been paid and the school's library books and property returned.

Dismissal from school

The students may be dismissed from the school for:

  • Non-payment of school dues on time.
  • Consistently unsatisfactory progress. (Student failing in the same class for two consecutive years will not be allowed to remain in the school.)
  • Damaging School property.
  • Immoral behavior and conduct harmful to other students.
  • Any act interfering with the discipline of the School on the part of the student or parent.
  • Any word or action likely to undermine the reputation of the institution.
  • Bullying, assaulting and ragging in any form.
  • Using unfair means in any examination or an attempt to influence any teacher by any means.
  • The School authorities may at any time, without assigning any reason, require a parent or guardian to withdraw his ward from the School, if it is considered in the interest of the School.
  • The Principal has authority to ask a student to withdraw on disciplinary grounds and his /her authority cannot be challenged.
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