An educational institution is known by the faculties it appoints. An able faculty plays a decisive role in a child's education and works like a guiding force. We, at Sobtis Public School, take utmost care in appointing teachers and choose the best of talents available across the country.

The faculties at Sobtis Public School are not just academically qualified but also well-versed in working as the life coach of students empowering them with essential character building attributes. Special training programmes are organized to update their skills so that they can keep pace with rapidly changing needs of the contemporary educational system.

We ensure pro-active involvement of our teachers in the school activities like House Wardens, Class Reps, the Environment Council, Editorial Board, Cultural Department or Sports, to name a few. At Sobtis Public School, we are committed to provide excellent student teacher ratios to maximize student potential with a firm belief that an educational Institution is as good as its Faculty.

The Faculty Particulars

S.No. Name of the Teacher Designation
1 Ms. Gunjan Sahni Principal
2 Mr. Mohd. Nadeem Noori Vice Principal
3 Ms. Uzma Ahmar Khan TGT/Head Mistress
4 Mr. Mohit Kumar School Coordinator
5 Ms. Varsha Khandelwal TGT/Activity Incharge
6 Mr. Amber Saxena PGT/Exam Head
7 Mr. Satyam Shrortiya PGT
8 Mr. Mohd. Sharib Ali PGT
9 Ms. Filza Tariq PGT
10 Mr. Rohit Arora PGT
11 Mr. Prasoon Johri PGT
12 Mr. Gaurav Kumar PGT
13 Mr. Nadeem Ahmad Ansari PGT
14 Ms. Kavisha Puri PGT
15 Ms. Radhika Agarwal TGT
16 Ms. Priyanka Sharma TGT
17 Ms. Sarita Sharma TGT
18 Mr. Prashant Singh TGT
19 Ms. Alaina Karam Hashmi TGT
20 Ms. Mena Fatima TGT
21 Mr. Haziq Shamsi TGT
22 Ms. Anupriya Saxena PRT
23 Ms. Vineeta Bahuguna PRT
24 Ms. Aliza Hanif PRT
25 Ms. Shreen Hashmi PRT
26 Ms. Annie Akhtar PRT
27 Ms. Babita Agarwal PRT
28 Ms. Megha Decamp PRT
29 Ms. Karuna Gupta Kindergarten Teacher
30 Ms. Kindergarten Teacher
31 Ms. Pooja Kindergarten Teacher
32 Ms. Deepa Sharma Kindergarten Teacher
33 Ms. Vinita Garg Kindergarten Teacher
34 Ms. Preeti Chhetri Kindergarten Teacher
35 Ms. Pompy Dey Kindergarten Teacher
36 Ms. Alina Khan Librarian
37 Ms. Poonam Sharma Art Teacher
38 Ms. Priya Dance Teacher
39 Mr. Gaurav Rajput PTI
40 Mr. Bashah Javed Admin Officer
41 Mr. Lalit Kumar Office Assistant
42 Ms. Fatima Zahid Office Assistant
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